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Lockdown 2.0 cancels hockey club 😥

It saddens us at HIC that we have had to postpone our hockey club at Immanuel & St Andrew's Primary School CofE for at least the next 4 weeks during Lockdown 2.0.

Government guidelines only permit after school extra-curricular activities if they are deemed to be 'childcare' or allow parents to work, search for work or undertake training/education. Public Health England have told our school that our hockey club does not fall under this category, hence the postponement.

We find it frustrating that schools remain open, children continue to interact together indoors, in their year group bubbles, but cannot extend their school day by 1.5 hours to play sport outdoors. It is perplexing that Public Health England, with the knowledge of the huge mental and physical health impacts that this decision will have on our young children and children across England, have taken this decision.

Since starting the club in September 2019, we have seen the majority of our children drastically increase their self-confidence and improve their social interactions between coaches and their peers. Some of the children in our programme suffer from anxiety, dispraxia and ADHD. HIC is an important outlet. The children love the fact they are part of a family within their school...The hockey family. That sense of belonging which they love has improved their mental and physical health.

We have seen the joy that learning a new sport and improving their skills from their own practice has given them. The children buzz off showing us things they are getting better at, some crazy skill they’ve come up with or simply from just having coaches that care coaching them once a week.

This is something the children look forward to once a week and now this is being taken away from them.

We will be launching our Hockey at Home programme again, as we did during the first lockdown, to keep our children as engaged as possible and try to keep them exercising but this comes with its own challenges. However, this provides us with an opportunity to further instil positive values in our children and show them that you can overcome obstacles that are thrown at you in life. #grassroots

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