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Emotional Goodbyes 💕#Corona #PersonalReflections

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We knew this would be our last session for a while due to Covid-19 and so it was an emotional last session with the crew.

We have extremely & thoroughly, loved & enjoyed our time with HIC Immanuel crew. We have grown together into a family that loves our time together on the pitch 1 session each week playing hockey.

I have grown a lot personally as a coach & mentor as time and experiences accumulate, with the biggest two learning points being as follows: understanding how I can get the balance correct between being the children's friend and their teacher to command respect, but also be approachable, relatable and someone they can look up to and secondly, accepting that not everyone is performance/elite based. As a professional hockey player, at the start, my mindset was they are there to learn hockey, so that they can represent their county and then region, play national level etc. I have learnt that hockey means different things for different children...some genuinely have that elite mindset, potential and ability to achieve the highest levels in hockey and that is their path. But in the roots for everyone irrespective of their path hockey can mean growing confidence, sense of belonging to a family, enjoying competitive activity with their friends, releasing tension, combating difficult days in school...it sounds obvious, but as I train everyday in a professional, pressured and competitive environment I got narrow minded and forgot the magnitude of benefits that hockey (and sport in general) possesses...I essentially forgot why I started playing hockey - fun with friends at lunchtime, trying to be the best hockey player I could be during my practices, a genuine love for the feeling you get coming off the pitch after a good competitive session and a LOVE for 'skillz and tekkerz'.

Understanding and accepting all of the above has helped my approach to individuals in our group as I get to know them better...

Reflections from Rhysy x

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