Aims & Processes


To Introduce and Increase

Introducing children in the inner city to hockey and increasing black, asian and minor ethnicity (BAME) participation in hockey.

Hockey is often not available to inner city children. Involvement in hockey will help children develop social skills within a team environment. The social values embedded within the coaching are designed to help children be the best versions of themselves.

To Educate & Inspire

Educating and Inspiring children and parents about the opportunities that hockey can give them via educational workshops and school trips.

Making parents and children aware of other pathways available. Through bursaries and scholarships private school education and studying abroad is possible.  Trips to local private schools allow kids to play on a proper hockey Astroturf while showing them that attending one of these institutions is attainable!

HIC believes that there is a lot of talent in the inner city areas that hockey misses out on. We are here to change that!


School Projects
The aim of these projects is not solely to make these kids great at hockey, there is a focus on:
  1. Creating an enjoyable atmosphere and experience that the children attribute to hockey. Hopefully the project encourages the kids to continue this amazing sport but we at least want everyone to have fond memories of playing!
          2. Giving kids the tools in the form of the social values and education to be the best versions of themselves and in turn promote good mental health.
3. Inspiring the kids by showing them the educational and sporting pathways available.
Relationships with community projects
We wish to build relationships with community projects that share similar visions. For example, Spencer Lynx is providing free hockey 50 primary school children in the Wandsworth area from the start of September and we will be providing coaching for them during their projects.
Evo Hockey scholarship programme
The EVO Hockey scholarship programme has been set up to benefit kids of the Hockey Inner City projects. Evo have agreed to provide the following:
•    1 free day camp for each member of Hockey Inner City’s first camp at Immanuel & St Andrew’s Primary School
•    Scholarship programmes for 3-5 kids of our first project who will be entitled to free camps for a year!!!